Hamrasta Blockchain Platform

What Hamrasta Blockchain Platform is?

Based on Ethereum, This is a blockchain platform that combines the innovation of the public Ethereum community with enhancements to support enterprise needs. Our mission is to make adopting blockchain a seamless process. Using this platform can put blockchain to work for your business. Use Hamrasta platform in production with the confidence that our core developers are on-hand to support you with professional, enterprise-grade service.

پلتفرم زنجیره‌بلوک


Which products have been using this platform?

At this moment we use this platform for our KYC system and soon other services will use this as well.

What is this platform?

This is an Ethereum-based distributed ledger protocol with transaction/contract privacy and new consensus mechanisms.

How will Hamrasta use this platform?

Since this is a fork of go-ethereum, this platform supports smart contracts and Hamrasta will use this ability to develop its blockchain based products.

How to use this platform for my business?

Call our experts to check your business-specific features.

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