Hamrasta Future Projects

Cloud Mining

Expensive infrastructure and complex maintenance of farms make it meaningless to set up a farm for limited devices.Cloud services and rental processing power will attract micro-investors and expand the business of the farm, on the other hand, investors will be able to earn revenue from the industry without any marginal concerns.
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Generating credit-tagged tokens and assigning it to clients or employees are possible with blockchain. The validity of these tokens can be used in intra-corporate payment processes or even between companies.

Supply chain

Supply chain management has many complexities due to the number of involved people, the variety of items and financial processes.Security and transparency problems will be added to the problems with growth of supply chain. These complexities are associated with the introduction of financial processes into this chain and due to liquidity injections in supply chains from the end of chain, and with sale of final product, primary company usually faces liquidity shortage. Bundle chains and smart contracts, will provide infrastructure for transparent and secure goods management and services exchanges, managed and secured credit on this platform.

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Bitcoin ATMs are designed and implemented with NDC standard in passive mode and server side software.

Personal Wallet

The use of cryptocurrencies as a payment method has many benefits. Crypto payment and common banking services combination will provide a simple payment system that can be used for transferring funds only with a receiver ID, also international exchanges will be facilitating.

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Goods smuggling Prevention, market control, and many other security issues are related to Customs and its complex processes.These complex processes can be facilitated transparent and secure with blockchain. Imported goods control, instantaneous and universal monitoring, merchandise checking and counterfeiting are some benefits that blockchain will provide for the customs system.

P2P Lending

Loan system infrastructure can be obtained without bank or any financial institution participation, on the other hand,little capitals, will be able to fund these loans and achieve some profits.

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Car ID

Vehicle and owner constitute an independent identity which can be connected to banking systems and automobile systems such as parking lots, or petrol stations.This relation will make all processes simple, secure and Transparent.

Bonds management

Management of bonds at the time of their offering is one of the challenges faced by financial institutions and banks. It is possible to manage the distribution of these securities across the country, transferring between branches, registering related financial transactions along with redemption processes, settlements, etc., with greater transparency and security by blockchain technology.

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Airlines ticket management

Airline tickets with multiple stakeholders and regulators needs specific, up-to-date, accurate and secure reports. Smart contracts provide data security and ease of access alongside the simplicity of processes. With this method, technical and human costs will be reduced, while productivity and speed will be increased,which allows instant monitoring of the system.


Managing, controlling, transferring and distributing energy can be transformed by benchmarking successful energy-management schemes based on blockchain technology. This is implemented in some countries. Similar plans to promote the use of renewable energies such as solar panels with blockchain can be implemented.

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