What we do?

We are observing new era in human life. This era is knotted with digital technologies. digital transform and 4th industrial revolution will change the world that we have known. This changes will happen with growth in some technological areas which are our prospects.

ایکون رمزارز


Nowadays, methods of money exchange do not meet technological needs of today's world. Cryptocurrency is a financial interchangeable technology.We have developed a complete set of cryptocurrency products.

ایکون هوش مصنوعی


Artificial intelligence technology is used to process Blockchain data and we use it in order to develop our services.

ایکون زنجیره بلوک


Secure and transparent transfer of any value will be possible with Blockchain technology. Blockchain service is the main part of our work.

ایکون هوش مصنوعی


Internet of things establishes the connection between the physical and digital world. This technology is used in conjunction with artificial intelligence to implement Blockchain projects.

پلتفرم زنجیره‌بلوک

blockchain platform

Our technical team is working on various Blockchain projects. The implementation of these projects required a secure, transparent, and non-manipulated Blockchain platform; therefore, a solution was developed under the name of Hamrasta Blockchain platform.

cryptocurrency platform

We have developed a complete set of cryptocurrency products that works seamlessly and interacts with each other to meet all the user’s needs.

استخراج رمزارز

mining farm

Setting up an industrial bitcoin mining farm requires knowledge, expertise and fund. Our team works on all phases of the farm’s establishment; from feasibility to equipment supply, commissioning, maintenance and operation.

Our Team

آرش آرمون

Arash Armoon

Business Development Manager

فرید ستاره

Farid setareh

Member of the Board

علیرضا غیاث

Alireza Ghias

Co-Founder & CTO

مهرداد فرنوش

Mehrdad Farnoosh

Co-Founder & CEO

امید دبیری‌نژاد

Omid Dabirinejad

Marketing Manager

سامان شاه محمدی

Saman Shahmohamadi

Blockchain Programmer

حامد رسول آبادی

Hamed Rasoolabadi

Graphic Designer

پیام واحدی

Payam Vahedi

Project Manager


Maziar Nemati

frontend developer

نیلوفر نوایی

Niloofar Navai

frontend developer

موسی فرنوش

Moosa Farnoosh

mining farm specialist

امیر حافظ رضایی

AmirHafez Rezaei

financial Expert

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