International Business

By accepting Bitcoin in your business, you can upgrade it to international levels without any Monetary and currency problems.

Fast Settlement

By choosing crypto or FIAT settlement you can ensure the settlement will be fast enough for your business.

اول گیت وی دسکتاپ


Does this service support physical stores?

For physical stores, we developed the POS (Point-on-sale) client and MPG (mobile payment gateway). Merchants can use all gateways to get bitcoin from their customers, After signing up and getting the API code.

Where to start?

First, you should sign up and complete the authentication process. after approving the identity and storing information by our partners, you get an API code and by this code you can use the gateway.

How is the settlement?

Merchants can choose to settle by crypto or FIAT according to their business needs.

Can i use gateway for multiple stores?

Each user can define multiple stores and a unique code is generated for each one. But users cannot use one key for multiple stores.

Need more help?

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