Hamrasta Products

Bitcoin Wallet

Hamrasta bitcoin Wallet is a secure hot-wallet which can be used to send, receive and save bitcoin.

کیف پول بیتکوین
پوز بانکی رمزارزی همراستا

Crypto Payment Gateway

Hamrasta Payment Gateway gives merchants to get crypto from their customers and choose to settle by crypto or FIAT. This service included Point of sale (POS), Mobile Payment Gateway (MPG) and Internet Payment Gateway (IPG).

Crypto Exchange

Users can change their crypto with other crypto or FIAT currencies in the crypto exchange .

تریدینگ بیتکوین دسکتاپ
استخراج رمزارز

Authentication Service

User verification and authentication is one of the important problems in organizations and cross organization. These processes require time and expenses, as well as data security and privacy. Using distributed ledger for storing user’s identity information, they are now able to control who can access their data. In this platform, users authenticate once forever and every time an organization needs to authenticate them, they allow the organization to access their identity data.

Blockchain-Based Game center

A distributed ledger which wants connecting gamer, developer and publisher. By connecting these roles, gamer can get rewards, developer and publisher can integrate all their games and assets and also brings real-rime international cash flow by using the coin.