Hamrasta Bitcoin Farm Monitoring

Miners Monitoring

Monitor miners performance, heat & power consumption


Get notifications of any type of failure

Remot Control

Manage pools and reboot moners remotely

Multiple Administration

Micro manage multiple smaller farms in your farm


What is farm monitoring service?

The Farm Monitoring Service has been developed by Hamrasta Co. as a web interface that allows you to easily setup, configure, monitor, and manage your bitcoin mining farm. Think of it as the ultimate control panel to manage your rigs.

which features does farm monitoring service have?

  • Monitor Miner Temperature through a heat map
  • Change Pool Settings at any given time
  • Restart miners or reboot the Miners
  •  Diffrent system reports
  • Monitor Fan speed/RPM and effectiveness remotely
  • See effective hash rates of all hardware
  • Receive notifications on faulty Hash Cards or if a miner is under performing
  • Email notification if the farm goes off
  • Automatic overheat protection commands sent to miners to avoid damage
  • Farm Mapping/Layout Design for easy fault finding and accurate heat maps

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